Measuring Eurostar’s gold standard in international train travel

Setting the standard for international travel 

Eurostar’s ambition is to be Europe’s most-loved travel experience and is committed to delivering outstanding customer service to its passengers.

Eurostar wanted a refreshed customer experience programme – one that could give a robust read on its performance against its promises and put customers at the heart of the business.

Emotions-led insights 

In 2018, Eurostar commissioned Kokoro to run its CX programme to provide a deeper understanding of the emotional experience with the brand and guide investment decisions (e.g. on seats, check-in areas etc.). 

Eurostar leverages our FeelFactor measure and 5Drivers model to unpick the emotions at play at each point in the end-to-end experience.

A fresh approach to thinking 

Kokoro’s work has already given Eurostar a fresh, emotions-led understanding of the passenger journey and where gains could be made to enhance an already strong experience. 

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