Create the dream, not the mattress

We know products that connect emotionally win. We navigate the gap between what customers say and do – to ensure your product works in the real world. We support clients throughout the entire proposition development cycle – we identify unmet consumer needs, create new ideas quickly and at scale, evaluate and refine them once launched.

We help uncover your next
proposition opportunities

We start conversations with brands who are struggling to answer big questions like… How do we turn a customer problem into a concept? How can we design, test and launch a new product quicker and at scale? How do we identify the killer selling points of this product and how should we communicate them?

Our diverse toolkit encompasses:

• Customer closeness
• Ethnography
• Co-creation
• Customer needs mapping
• Concept testing and refinement
• AB testing
• Conjoint and opportunity analysis
• Post-launch evaluation

Reveal new human truths

We put customer needs at the heart of your innovation to find the human commonly held feelings behind your business issue. Our emotions-based approaches dig deep to reveal new, hidden truths that allow stakeholders to connect with customer needs at a deep level. Combined with hard numbers, this insight is hugely powerful in helping teams design products and services which resonate with consumers and deliver significant commercial return.

Innovate quickly to win

We know how to distinguish between what customers say they’ll do and what they really want – by revealing the emotional drivers that truly drive decision-making. Our suite of iterative methods quickly turns a need into a concept, and a concept into a customer-ready proposition complete with a £-sized opportunity. Our insight – fused with hard behavioural and sales data – helps us predict the most successful products and services for you to build.

Launch with a bang

Whether it’s a soft launch or a big reveal, we can help ensure your launch truly delivers. We capture feedback at scale quickly and identify where changes need to be made if targets are to be hit.

Turnaround plan

Got a product that’s falling short of expectations? Once flying, now failing to maintain share? We reveal your product’s unique emotional DNA and position within its sector and beyond. We then help you gauge how to position your product so it chimes with consumer emotions – and how to communicate this identity in a way that gets you noticed and remembered.

Transform your propositions

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