Brand Tracking

Eyebrows speak louder than words

Superpower your brand with emotionally intelligent insights

The truth is consumers think very little about the brands they use.

Yet, this doesn’t stop them having quite distinct feelings about each one.

In a buying situation, these feelings are the difference between a brand being grabbed, used grudgingly or overlooked.

We’ve perfected implicit techniques to reveal the feelings consumers associate with brands. These emotions originate in our subconscious – a hugely influential part of the brain which, in nanoseconds, decides what’s right/wrong for us.

Most importantly, our work focuses on how to leverage these insights to build sales.

One size doesn’t fit all – 8 measures to success

Each business and its opportunities are unique. Here are eight essential elements we unpick to reveal where barriers/triggers to growth exist. We can then cherry-pick the KPIs you need to focus on.


Physical and mental availability

How much you come to mind in a relevant buying situation and how easily consumers feel it is to get their hands on your product


Distinctive assets

Colours, logos, word, sound etc. associated with your brand and their role in building mental availability and image associations



Humans are drawn to movement (our survival once depended on it!), so that’s why we measure your ‘momentum’ vs. rivals


Visionary comms

In Brandland, if you stand still, in consumers’ eyes you’re losing ground – so we test whether your comms create new memories


5Drivers associations

Our proprietary model unpicks the feelings associated with a brand and pinpoints where best to focus efforts to grow


Usage associations

If you’re linked to more usage situations you’ll grow – we’ll identify the ones which work for your brand and how to win


Warm interactions

The experience of a brand has become key to brand equity – so you need to know how yours fares vs. expectations (and rivals)


The rational narrative

It’s useful for consumers to have explicit ‘stories’ they can use to justify their decisions – we find your ‘why’ and track it

Qualitative nuance and consumer context

These elements provide the real story behind your brand performance, how the market is changing and where you should focus your efforts to maximise ROI

We’re relentless in pursuit of great insights

Before we get curious, we need to nail your business challenge e.g. how do we gain momentum? Where’s our next 20% growth? How do we thrive in the digital era? How can we future-proof our strategy?
These are all music to our ears. We’re always up for a challenge!

Our secret weapon = 5Drivers

Our 5Drivers model sheds new light on customer needs, revealing the most important feelings for brands to play to. It brings new energy and insight to customer closeness. We can understand the blend of feelings most important to your consumers – how you can sync with their emotional requirements to satisfy them. And how you can delight by transforming them from one emotional state to another – helping them to become the person they want to be, a little at a time.

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