Measure the feel of the experience

A powerful metric to unpick the power of your brand experiences

Because emotions are so powerful in driving awareness, leading decisions and creating memories, we created FeelFactor to measure the ‘feel’ of an experience plus its power to create a memory.

2 simple questions for powerful direction

FeelFactor asks two questions that produce four types of experience. Each of these four has a different impact on how you feel, your spend and your likelihood of telling others.

Reveal commercially-grounded opportunities for growth

We show you how your experience fits into one of four types of brand experience, the strategic role of each, and how to optimise them to grow revenue/profit. We’ve proven that a strong FeelFactor score is linked to higher future spend and market share growth.

Not all experiences are equal

FeelFactor has 3 powerful applications to help you understand the space your brand experience occupies and where to invest to catapult you into Visionary territory.

Benchmark your brand experience vs. rivals

Map end to end journeys and prioritise investment

Unpick the distribution of your experiences

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Get the full thinking in our acclaimed thought piece

Learn the powerful truth behind why brands like Monzo, Boohoo and Emirates thrive whilst others fall short.

Our latest thinking reveals what it really means to harness FeelFactor in more detail. See more on the commercial validation and how you win in each of the four quadrants

Access the webinar

In just 20 minutes you get the thinking behind Boom! Brought to life by our FeelFactor expert Anna Lewis and 5Drivers guru Laura Gillespie

Design a story worth telling

Once FeelFactor has pinpointed your position across touchpoints, channels and at a brand-level, we help you create the experiences that lodge in minds and win hearts.

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