Journey Mapping

Uncover the moments that matter

Emotions-led mapping to transform your CX

Don’t fall into the trap of providing frictionless yet bland, unforgettable experiences. Winning brands create Visionary moments – with high feel-good and high memorability. We use our emotions-led toolkit to uncover the real highs and lows in your multichannel journeys and where to invest to gain the biggest bang for your buck.

Mapping is just the start

We see many organisations stuck with complicated journey maps, which make nice wallpaper but do nothing to help prioritise actions or guide strategies that make a commercial difference. Our approach puts activation at the heart of everything.







#1 Discover: nothing but the truth

Journeys aren’t linear, they’re complicated. Humans struggle to articulate what shapes our behaviour. We make up fictions to justify actions caused by emotions often beyond our reach. Kokoro’s feelings-led techniques reach this hidden world – navigating a journey’s intricate highs and lows and spotting where you can boost conversion and limit churn.

Immersion in your business model and culture

We dig deep into your business model and culture, unpick your customer journey across channels, your future ambitions and company vision. We kick off with interviews and workshops with stakeholders and partner agencies – a sharing of perspectives that produces a startling level of fresh insight on opportunities.

Feel your way to success

We developed our FeelFactor to gauge an experience’s power to provoke emotions and memories. We ask people two simple questions about their journeys. Data output is then transformed via statistical analysis to reveal which of four types of experience yours falls into – each with its own spend level. Suddenly, targeting your efforts is four times easier!

See real journeys through your customers’ eyes

We use eye-tracking and other biometrics to get a true picture of how people respond to each touchpoint in the journey. It’s often amazing to see what really grabs attention and sets the pulse racing. Each element of your physical and digital offer suddenly has a language we can translate into a vivid account of barriers to conversion and strengths to build on.

#2 Prioritise: fuse insight and business metrics to size opportunities

Your development pipeline is no doubt full of possible enhancements. Which should you focus on? Together, our emotions-led insight and your behavioural data will size the prize.

Detect opportunity spaces

We map your experiences across journeys and channels onto our FeelFactor framework. This instantly shows exactly where feel-good, memorable moments can be built. We then benchmark your experiences against rivals’ to uncover where your CX strategy should focus on to drive share and profit.

Fuse insight and business metrics

Got an endless backlog of improvements you could make to your CX, but little evidence on which to prioritise? We fuse claimed behaviour and feelings with biometrics, plus big datasets (like transactions and web analytics) to nail where you should act first. This evidence banishes doubt and inspires action.

Map with emotion at the heart

Our journey maps don’t just describe current reality, they are living tools which galvanise the whole business. Emotions sit at their heart. They plot the feelings stirred at each stage and what you can do to play to these. We help stakeholders live the journeys through material such as films, podcasts and digital immersion sites.

#3 Activate: be more Visionary

Whilst customers can list some small details to fix, they can’t go beyond the here and now and tell you how to transform your experience and deliver Visionary CX

Our trend workshops inspire new CX futures

Are you too siloed in your sector to miss the shift in expectations and behaviours found at bold Visionary brands like Monzo, Airbnb and Nike? Our cultural and trends intelligence helps you widen your perspective. Many of the principles of good CX are universal. Take note of this and you will have an advantage over more blinkered rivals.

Game-changing activation strategy

We’re skilled at uniting siloed departments across global organisations – focusing efforts on how to transform CX. To do this we often explore missions and need states, not channels. Here our 5Drivers model of emotions lays bare what people want to feel at each moment. We then use expert facilitation and ideation skills to tap into these deep-seated forces and plan what to do next.

Accountable experimentation empowers

We work closely with individual business units to turn the big concept opportunities into tangible actions. This teamwork detects short-term wins and long-term game changers. We empower teams to quickly arrive at the best ideas by using speedy prototyping and testing techniques. Plans become actions not forgotten files.

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Guiding O2’s 5-year CX Vision

“The experience I’ve had working with Kokoro has been fantastic – completely different…from a stakeholder perspective they’ve been really creative in getting us to think from an emotional standpoint. Bringing emotion in has been really good for our business and our customer focused vision” Craig Fullicks, O2 Telefonica

CX Measurement

Once you’ve mapped and designed your perfect journeys, measure your progress with our CX management solution.

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