Kokoro Cuts – best of June

A round up of the best new experiences and campaigns we’ve seen on our travels. Here’s what you need to know about

Marketing with Pride (not just rainbows)

June was Pride Month and as 2019 marked the 50th anniversary there was an explosion of brands launching new campaigns, products and events to show their support. Many brands got it wrong – with token efforts or bizarre rainbow redesigns (think Pride antiseptic mouthwash from Listerine!) rather than real authentic commitment to the LGBT+ community. Here’s two campaigns that made a strong stand. Converse once again launched one of the most impressive Pride product collections. What makes this different to other brands is that a huge 100% of proceeds of sales are donated to several supportive LGBT+ organisations. Sephora wanted to do more than just sell colourful Pride make-up (which it also does very well) so it launched a campaign called ‘Identify As We’ which features big members of the LGBTQA, transgender and gender-fluid community. The video to their campaign ends with the words “We Belong to Something Beautiful” which reflects the company’s new manifesto – including a mandate to build a community “where diversity is expected, self-expression is honoured, all are welcomed, and you are included”.

Source: Converse

Empowering women’s football campaigns

June marked the most anticipated Women’s World Cup in history. As interest in the sport surges brands have most definitely jumped on the bandwagon. Tubular Insights claims that in the past 90 days, Women’s World Cup-related content scored 71.2M views across social video platforms. It’s sad that England are no longer in the running but there’s been some cracking campaigns to encourage nations to get behind the sport. Here’s our top three. Nike’s “Dream Further” campaign is truly empowering and has racked up a whopping 20.2million views since it was released on its twitter account. Lucozade Sport launched their moving #ThreeLionesses campaign and re-wrote the 3 lions song. It also released 16m special edition bottles featuring members of the England squad. ING’s commercial for the Dutch women’s football team “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” does a great job to capture the energy, grit and determination of the sport and its players.

Primark’s truly instagrammable Central Perk café

Don’t just sell coffee – sell an iconic experience that is sure to draw in crowds and end up in their memories. We dare you to follow the footsteps of Primark and create something as ‘Instagrammable’ as their Friends throwback Central Perk café. Everything from the coffee cups to the pieces of art, the iconic orange sofa and famous window scene create opportunities for Primark to end up on your social media account! See more in our gallery

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