Kokoro Cuts – best of September

A round-up of the best new experiences and campaigns we’ve seen on our travels. Here’s what you need to know about

Phenomenal plant-based innovation

Wow there’s been a crazy amount of plant-based new launches in the last month. Deep breath. McDonald’s P.L.T. burger is a standout – who would have thought this innovation would happen so quickly?! The burger is based on Beyond Meat’s pea protein burger and is being tested for a 12 week stint in Canada (if only Deliveroo shipped food ;). Tesco Plant Chef range appeared on shelves as a great value alternative. Naked Glory brand was unveiled by Kerry Foods, Dairy giant Applewood launched a Vegan cheese. ASDA got in on the cheese action with a Vegan blue cheese, The Vegetarian Butcher launched a new Plant-Based Line in Supermarkets and started touring the UK and Wicked Kitchen expanded its Vegan range to include pot noodle style meals! Oh and as Christmas hits the shelves so too do Vegan advent calendars.

And breathe.


Spotify connects us to amazing musical memories

Its latest out of home ads and films in the UK and US get us to ‘listen like we used to’ and they got us seriously nostalgic. Spotify takes us back to that moment, that feeling, that memory we had with a song, with an era even. It’s amazing that we never forget those special lyrics (even the songs we try to forget) and Spotify has done a great job at getting us to revisit old skool tunes in a funny way!


Source: Spotify


Want oat milk with that skin cream? Beauty got seriously healthy

There’s never a boring month in beauty – new brand and product launches are rife. But as part of the big wellness trend and a growing desire for more natural ingredients we’ve noticed more foodie ingredients getting into our beauty products over the past month. Here’s a few standouts. Kombucha (a drink that many people in the UK still don’t know exists) has entered skincare – its probiotic powers claiming a miracle healing power. Vegetables have got even hotter and are demanding a high price in skincare – take this Celery based cream from Volition. Oat milk is so in demand for our lattes that it’s now getting into our makeup – like oat milk foundation from natural brand of the moment Ere Perez. Even caffeine is booming – don’t drink too much of it but put as much as you want on your hair!


Source: Kombucha


Source: Klorane


Source: Ere Perez

Airbnb ramps up Visionary experiences

Okay so you can still stay in a spare room in Putney if you want but over the last month Airbnb has really ramped up the experience ante – making our wildest travel dreams come true. You can go on an Antarctic sabbatical, stay at Highclere Castle (the home of Downton Abbey), learn from Guinness World Record holders or even paddleboard with Corgis in Miami as part of its animal experiences worldwide launch.  Not all Airbnb experiences end up in Visionary territory but these ones just might 😉

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