CX metrics stalling? Here’s how to drive change

Growth is hard. It takes effort. However, we all want it – we’re programmed to seek improvements and make progress. But wanting to improve and actually improving are two very different things. The second requires action.

Obvious? In reality, we often get overwhelmed by the ‘big picture’ of what needs doing or distracted by the drumbeat of the everyday. A work deadline trumps going to that dance class you’ve signed up for. A cheeky gin (or three) is more appealing than cooking some healthy meal that’s supposed to take 20 minutes but consumes a whole evening.

Growth for brands is even harder. It relies on lots of people acting together. Often a huge workforce of field managers and head office stakeholders will need to combine to achieve any change.

So how can we encourage action?

Empowerment is key. It’s a word we hear often these days, but it’s true that if we feel empowered and believe we’ll succeed, we’re much more likely to take the action needed to grow. Within two years of Roger Bannister running the world’s first four-minute mile, 37 other athletes had done the same. What changed? Bannister proved it was possible and so others started to believe they could do it too. For brands, the notion holds true – belief drives action and success breeds success.

And this is where the magic happens – when we take even the smallest action, this success reinforces our self-belief, which in turn encourages us to take more action.

Programmes meant to track progress towards growth targets should focus on empowering teams to act on opportunities. However, they often do the opposite. CX studies brought in to be ‘the eyes of the customer’ spot granular pain points but, in doing so, take this role away from managers – implying they can’t be relied on. Far from empowering!

Four ways our CX programmes empower teams to act

  1. Knowledge. For teams to feel empowered they need to be equipped with the right knowledge. And because people learn best by doing rather than being shown, Kokoro goes beyond just telling frontline teams their results. As well as real-time access to KPIs and suggested actions, our activation packs use a range of creative techniques to equip teams with knowledge on how to win hearts and create memories – and why both are important!


  1. Gratitude. Celebrating success and showing gratitude are great ways to engage teams and empower action. Happy colleagues = happy customers. Our inspiring portal noticeboards help via videos that showcase great service, shout outs that recognise efforts and competitions which engage teams in celebrating successes.


  1. Accountability. For Head Office, we don’t only deliver clear insights and pinpoint opportunities to improve the experience at a brand level. Our activation workshops and customer boards take things to the next level. Together with the brand we identify quick wins and effective actions, and remover barriers to delivery. The result: prioritised next steps, accountability and stakeholders who enjoy that vital feeling of empowerment. The virtuous circle is formed. Change happens.


  1. Freedom. Whilst playing safe doesn’t always lead to disaster, it rarely brings the innovative, visionary moments linked with true growth. Our portals not only encourage teams to embrace feedback, they are also designed to be a safe space where those closest to the customer can give feedback and share ideas for improvements.
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