Make the experience a
story worth telling

We spot opportunities to create memorable, feel-good moments across every stage and channel of the customer journey. So, your experiences deliver lasting memories; memories that translate into real improvements to the bottom line.

We answer your tough CX challenges

We start conversations with brands who are struggling to answer big questions like… What is the CX vision for our company over the next 5 years? How can we create a seamless, multichannel experience? How can we work out where best to invest our cash to improve our experience? What are the right emotional buttons to press at each stage of the journey?

Our CX toolkit encompasses:

• Multi-channel CX/VOC programmes
• Customer journey mapping
• Eye-tracking and biometric insight
• Customer listening and accompanied shops
• Attitudinal and behavioural data triangulation
• Driver analysis
• Experience audits and mystery shopping
• UX research

Capture feedback anywhere anytime

End-to-end measurement of every stage of the customer journey. Proven, event-driven invite routes to ensure robust response rates. Short, perfectly formed surveys crafted by experts and designed to connect, engage and inspire rich feedback. Emotional intelligence baked in to help pinpoint opportunities, create memories and win hearts.

Take control of feedback through a single dashboard

Real-time access to feedback through our powerful CX platform. Feedback from all stages and channels, synchronised so you can interrogate it in an instant. Clarabridge text analytics analyses the sentiment and meaning of all comments. You get truly insight-led dashboards, personalised access levels and quick access to data cuts, filters and automated reports. Closed-loop feedback helps you take quick action on tactical issues.

Activate insights that drive the right actions

You could probably improve a thousand things when you look at your customer journey. Our CX insight experts show you where to focus to get the most bang for your buck. We triangulate feedback with many other sources of data and use revealing qualitative techniques to spot the ‘whys’ behind results and identify your best way forward. We then co-create incisive action plans that deliver great ROI.

FeelFactor – the best CX measure out there

Our belief in emotions has led us to create FeelFactor, which measures the ‘feel’ of an experience plus its power to create a memory. We use this to measure your brand’s ability to create memories at every single interaction a customer has with you – from a piece of advertising on Instagram to a website browsing experience to an in-store checkout.

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