Emotional Intelligence

Does your brand have it?

We make 80% of decisions on feelings. We are experts at making sense of the emotional – allowing you to know what really motivates your customers.

This information is rocket fuel. Armed with it you’ll create better products, better experiences and better brands. What’s more, people will always feel good using you, see you as honest and someone they genuinely want to use again.

Our services

Feelings are powerful. Feelings provide insight to transform brands. We have a specialist team of customer researchers, a dedicated customer experience unit and a consultancy hub of insight experts. We have developed innovative approaches to understand the feelings that drive consumer behaviour. We never give up until we deliver commercial impact. That’s what success feels like.

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Emotional analysis

We understand the innermost
desires of your customers

Emotional leveraging

We turn real feelings into
real opportunities

This is how you can really win at customer experience

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Learn why it’s time to get serious about emotions in CX, why brands are moving away from NPS to FeelFactor and why you need to think about your brand experience in four new territories to grow profit/revenue.