The emotional edge to enhancing The National Lottery’s
digital experience

Evolution of the digital experience

The National Lottery website attracts over 6m players each month. A key channel for Camelot, Kokoro has collected feedback on the responsive site, a key channel for Camelot, via a pop-up survey and always-on feedback button since 2015.

As Camelot evolved its strategy to build excitement and emotional engagement with The National Lottery brand, there was a need to put emotional intelligence at its core.

Deeper emotional vision

The site already delivers an easy experience across missions. It was important to explore how the site could add emotion beyond this. Camelot have embraced our unique FeelFactor measurement, which has identified the feelings the site provokes and illuminated new emotional territories for the brand to target to drive intention.

Early stage profiling of player types has also started to bring these to life, which is invaluable in tailoring the experience to user segments.

Rooted in commercial opportunities

Kokoro and Camelot have worked collaboratively to triangulate CX data with behavioural and transactional data. This ensures opportunities are rooted in commercial advantage.

For example, insight into player spend and site page flows has helped refine recommendations to support both repeat visits and portfolio play.

Revenue  & Good Causes

National Lottery ticket sales for the 2017/18 FY were £6,951.7 million – an increase of £26.4 million on the previous year.

2017/18 saw record digital sales of £1.652.2 million.

National Lottery players raised an incredible £1,655.3 million for Good Causes in 2017/18.

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