Guiding O2’s award-winning iPhone 8 campaign

We worked with O2 to provide the inspiration behind their award-winning and hugely successful ‘Oops’ campaign for the iPhone – employing our 5Drivers model to develop a feelings-based platform.

We started our development with a qual-heavy, wide discovering lens – exploring potential messaging/territories for O2 to launch with. We facilitated a day-long workshop and used 5Drivers as the platform to identify these territories.

We whittled down big ideas into prioritised concepts to test quantitatively for appeal and strength of emotional connection.

Surprisingly, we identified that control based messaging hit the sweet spot for customers. Screen replacement rated significantly higher than the idea of free insurance – this clear, single message proved a hit because everyone could imagine the need for this benefit:

  • they can picture the moment of horror at dropping a phone
  • they know you can ‘limp’ on with damaged screens but desirability of your prized possession is undermined
  • they know screens are very expensive and a hassle to fix

In reality the ‘free O2 insurance’ offered more but respondents couldn’t feel the benefit in the same emotive way.

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