Boom! launch webinars

In half an hour you can totally change the way you think about customer experience

Boom! packed into 30 minutes

Book your place to hear our new report brought to life in just 30 minutes. You get the powerful truth why brands like Monzo, Boohoo and Emirates thrive whilst others fall short. It’s a completely new outlook on how you should measure and leverage customer emotions to build your CX strategy and deliver extraordinary commercial return

Key takeaways

Hear about what inspired us to create Boom! and get your powerful takeaways:

  • Why you need to get serious about emotions – the workings of the subconscious brain and the role of emotions in creating memories
  • FeelFactor – a completely new way of understanding if your brand connects with customers and why leaders are gravitating to it versus NPS
  • A completely new way to think about experiences – we show you four types of brand experience, the strategic role of each, and how to optimise them to grow revenue/profit

Why listen?

We promise to fill your 30 minutes with engaging and thought-provoking content so you can be part of something that might just change the way you think…..forever!

Where and when?

Choose one of two slots and simply fill in your details below for free access to the webinar

Slot 1: Thursday August 22 – 14:30 GMT (15:30 CET, 09:30 New York Time)

Slot 2: Tuesday September 3 – 17:30 GMT (18:30 CET, 09:30 San Francisco Time)

This is a live session lasting 30 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in challenging their thinking about the future of brand and customer experience. From entrepreneurs, to brand managers, UX designers to researchers. If you work in marketing, buying, design, CX, UX, retail, fashion, beauty, travel, grocery, banking or eating out this event is made for you

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