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Stop thinking regular, start thinking Visionary. You’ve got the passion to fuel a rocket ship. We can help give you the vision to deliver experiences for extraordinary commercial return. We want to help you see a new future with inspiring talks, practical ideas and immersive workshops from some awesome thinkers and doers. Join Kokoro and TIBCO on 17.10.19 at Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

3 explosive topics, 20 awesome speakers

Topic 1:  From numbers to the heartbeat of a business – how to unite data with emotional intelligence to drive the right action

300x300 - Guest speakers(1)

Alison Bainbridge

Founder of Kokoro

It’s time to get serious about emotions in CX

300x300 - Guest speakers(22)

Darren Crowder

Vice President at TIBCO

Software is eating the World.. Now what?

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Gareth Tennant

Former Intelligence Officer for The Royal Marines

How to make the right decisions in a tough situation

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

Hristiana Georgieva

Co-founder of BlissWork

The role of emotions in developing a thriving culture

Panel debate: how well are businesses really doing at putting customers at the heart of their decisions?

300x300 - Guest speakers(3)

Caroline Bates

Director at Kokoro

300x300 - Guest speakers(24)

Steven Carabasu

Customer Director at HelloFresh

300x300 - Guest speakers(19)

Anna Thomas

Manager of European Customer Insight at TJX Europe

300x300 - Guest speakers(23)

Andrew Littlewood

Strategic Planning and Insight Manager at Nationwide

300x300 - Guest speakers(20)

Ruth Hinton

Brand Planning & Insights Manager at Vue

300x300 - Guest speakers(18)

Adam Blower

Research and Data Insight Manager at Eurostar

Topic 2: Creating the next new possible – how do you connect to how people want to feel to discover the next visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(6)

Laura Gillespie

Director and 5Drivers Lead at Kokoro

You need to understand how customers want to feel, not what they think

300x300 - Guest speakers(7)

Craig Fullicks

Customer Experience Strategy Lead at O2

Harnessing feelings to deliver a step change in the O2 customer experience

Panel debate: what’s the future of wellbeing?

300x300 - Guest speakers(8)

George David Hodgson

Founder of Maison du Choup

300x300 - Guest speakers(9)

Tessa Tricks

Head of Food at Hubbub

300x300 - Guest speakers(11)

Khandiz Joni

Conscious Beauty Expert and Founder of Untainted Magazine

300x300 - Guest speakers(10)

Chris Hemmings

Author of ‘Be a Man’

300x300 - Guest speakers(21)

Tasha Keating

Founder of SheRunsIt

Topic 3: Making memories – how do you create Visionary stories that create lasting buzz

300x300 - Guest speakers(14)

Paul West

Strategy Director at Dalziel & Pow

Bringing brands to life through Visionary brand experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(13)

Dr Michael Bloomfield

Founder of Creative Being

What is creativity and how can you harness your creative power to dream up Visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(15)

Oliver Kibblewhite

Special Projects at REWIND

Why the future is mixed reality and how you can use it to create Visionary brand stories

With a host to remind us about the funny side of this

300x300 - Guest speakers(17)

Nick Gilbert

Co-founder of multi-award winning arts organisation Zoo Co

“Sharp and unfailingly funny”

Immerse yourself in two unique experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Exclusive invitation-only workshop

Businesses are sitting on a wealth of customer insight – how can we better drive impact from it for substantially better commercial return?

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

VR inspired experience

Immerse yourself in how customers want to feel to create the next new Visionary experiences

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