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Emotionally-intelligent research with the agility of digital

We’re a digitally progressive agency, blending the highest standards of emotionally-intelligent research with the agility of digital – so you get the best of both worlds.




UX Insight

Strategic discovery research

The most bespoke of our solutions, strategic UX research is designed around your need and your sector, but outputs often include a combination of experience portraits, competitor opportunity maps, emotional blue-printing and experience strategy plans.

Persona creation

We prefer a quant + qual approach to creating UX personas – to ensure they represent the breadth of the user base, and reflect behaviours as well as emotions and perceptions. Our flexible approaches work in creating personas entirely from scratch – or in adapting existing segmentations for a UX audience.

Information architecture

Future-proof your nav: behavioural norms continue to evolve as developers innovate, device usage changes and consumers adopt new mechanics. If your site or app feels clunky for users to navigate, we recommend innovation research to explore the emerging approaches that will help your nav stay intuitive. Card-sorting and tree-testing help ensure new designs meet users’ expectations.

Journey mapping

Our journey mapping approach blends behavioural data with user perception to paint a full-colour picture of the journey. Assuming your customer journeys are already defined (if not, we can help!), we plot the ideal user journey, identify the (often less than ideal) journeys taken by real users, reveal user needs and expectations – and synthesize all of this to reveal the £-sized opportunities to improve. And because we talk your language, opportunities can be expressed as user stories that go directly into your backlog!

Digital CX tracking

Passive surveys, intercepts and/or exit surveys add the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ you’re already tracking via web analytics. Our CX-Flex approach offers flexibility and expertise across data capture, reporting & analytics and insight activation. Find out more about our Customer Experience Management programmes

UX testing

The best experiences are designed to meet user needs – and road-tested by them during development. From discovery through prototype testing and on to iterative refinement, we support agile development with a suite of testing options including in-person lab testing, remote testing, eye-tracking and biometric analysis. Our super-fast and creative in-house recruitment team together with our nimble researchers can turn a brief into insight within a week!

Research rigour

Some subscribe to the UX school of thought that anyone can do research – but unsurprisingly, we don’t! Our expert researchers know how to avoid the common pitfalls of ‘DIY’ or ‘guerrilla research’, such unrepresentative sampling, biased questions, taking future behaviour claims at face value – to illicit only useful insights.


We understand your agile development cycle and our approaches are designed to deliver at pace. Iterative testing can fit within your sprint cadence and feed directly into your backlog. With our tried & tested in-house recruitment unit, we’re ready to go!

Mobile first, in-house lab

Mobiles are fast becoming the dominant devices, and our research pays keen attention to mobile and cross-device journeys. Our fully equipped in-house Lab, The White Rooms, can test digital experiences (including prototypes) on any device.

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