Real-time platform

We believe in action

Unlock the potential of your data

Put the power of insight in the hands of everyone across your business. Focus on the right priorities. Delve into real-time data feeds to spot emerging threats and opportunities. Our platform gives you answers in an instant.

Call off the search party!

Don’t drown in data. Our intuitive dashboards are tailored to specific audiences for a snapshot of performance on strategic priorities. Quick-filter capability allows you to cut data in a way that makes answers leap out.

Get more aha! from your data

We harness the power of TIBCO Spotfire technology to give you more bang for your data buck. Find those hidden opportunities by using our cross tabs and visualisation tools to dig deeper.

Let’s get scientific

Run your own key driver analysis, market maps and experience quadrants – or use the ones we’ve built for you! Know the levers to pull to make a big difference to your brand health and bottom line.

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We believe in action

Download and share data with colleagues instantly. Prioritise your issues to fix and record actions against them with our Closed Loop capability.

Latest news, views and insights

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The explosive truth about emotions in CX – get our acclaimed thought piece

Why is it that brands like Monzo, Boohoo and Emirates are thriving whilst others fall short?

Our latest thinking unpicks what it really means to harness Kokoro’s FeelFactor. See more on its commercial validation and how it could help you win in each of four market quadrants it reveals.