The emotional impact
of John Lewis’ department
store reinvention

The move to more experience-led shopping

Every week there’s a fresh story about the shift from owning to experiencing. John Lewis, famed for traditional strengths on service and trust, has leapt ahead of the curve with its 50th store, which it describes as a ‘destination for inspiration and enjoyment’. This features immersive elements like the Experience Desk and Discovery Room. Some Partners have even had acting training!

Need for an emotional read on the experience

JL has invested £33m in the store, so understandably wanted to gauge its impact on how visitors feel about the experience. We used biometrics and eye-tracking to reveal shoppers’ in-the-moment, unconscious, emotional responses. Rich qual explored the reasons behind these reactions and the abiding memories shoppers carry away – vital given these are central to someone’s future usage and what they tell friends.

An emotions-based guide to future experimentation

Our report left JL with a journey map that details which emotions were triggered where; when shoppers became excited, disengaged, curious or happy. This was a step-change in research method that echoed the store’s innovative design. Outputs impressed JL greatly and will help shape the way these experiential elements are rolled out further.


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John Lewis & Partners 50th store, £33 million investment, boasting 230,000 sq. ft in space


£3.8 billion in 2018

Award-winning CX
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