Supercharging RSPB’s trading strategy

Adapting to change

Trading income is an important component of the RSPB’s overall revenue – with mail order catalogue, wholesale, retail shops and catering all key channels.

An increasingly tough trading environment, due to recent socio-economic events and changing consumer mindsets, prompted the RSPB to reassess its Trading Strategy for 2019-2023.

Kokoro was commissioned to provide a deeper understanding of RSPB’s current and potential customers to identify opportunities for revenue growth in this context.

Unpicking motivations

A combination of quant and qual techniques allowed Kokoro to decipher customers’ purchase drivers and establish the factors of importance to key target groups.

Using this framework to evaluate the retail and catering trading proposition helped pinpoint the strengths/weaknesses, and where to focus efforts to drive sales.

Customer-centric direction

Outputs sharpened the cross-functional Trading Team’s attention to customer needs and the most potent growth levers and barriers. The research also highlighted the importance of collaborating across function and channel in order to create a 360˚ trading plan to maximise sales opportunities. Results are currently being incorporated into RSPB’s wider commercial strategy, ensuring the customer is at the heart of its retail and catering plans.

“Kokoro developed and delivered excellent research work for the RSPB to meet our needs. The outputs have been invaluable in shaping our commercial strategy and identifying opportunities for growth for the future.”
Liz Brown, E-commerce and Marketing Manager
National Trust’s food and drink strategy