Disruptive outputs

Ensure insights have impact

We embrace creative tactics to drive impact

The action taken often depends on how insight is delivered. We’ve got the perfect toolbox of creative methods which can be tailored to audiences to grab attention, immerse stakeholders in customers’ lives and, ultimately, drive commercial action.

Personas and segments

We have a suite of digital/physical design options to illuminate user personas and consumer segments. These give a vibrant snapshot of their lives, motivations and growth opportunities.

Immersive digital platforms

These hold a wide variety of content and allow stakeholders to explore insights, join the debate and download any information that catches their attention.

Customer closeness events

We’re trusted to unite stakeholders with customers and get them working together to co-create new ideas. These events create memories that deliver a long-lasting impact on all who attend.

Customer journey maps

We take detailed customer feedback/data analytics and convert this into simple yet high-impact digital and physical journey maps. These are designed to inspire collaboration across a business.

Films that hit harder than vox pops

We can cover everything, from Insta-story nuggets to poetic short stories to professionally shot films. We’ve got the wordsmiths, videographers and producers to make your insights a hit!

Infographics and data visualisation

Everyone is drowning in data. To get noticed and remembered, you have to create visually compelling outputs. We put in the extra effort to ensure our insights look way beyond the norm.

Truly immersive VR/AR

Attention guaranteed! A pair of VR glasses can transport someone into the ‘real’ world. See your customers and their homes in 3D, visit the local Shanghai store or see your adverts mocked up in Times Square.

Podcasts and webinars

We use podcasts and webinars to ensure insights reach global audiences and the most time-pressured individuals. Ben, our head of GDPR, and also a professional DJ, is available to host!

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