Data science

Better forecast the future

Predict the future with our data-driven intelligence and deep human understanding

Collecting vast amounts of CX feedback and brand-tracking data but not sure which levers will bring success? Sitting on tonnes of behavioural data that isn’t being used? Kokoro’s data scientists combine skills in statistics, computer science and web analytics to unlock powerful insights. Set in the context of our deep understanding of human emotions, this expertise ensures great ROI.

Segmentation with feeling

From big strategic segmentations as part of customer strategy programmes to quick turnaround cluster analysis, we identify key target groups and the best ways attract, convert, drive frequency and minimise churn. We use our unique approach of fusing behaviours, attitudes and feelings to build segmentations that are easily applied by audiences across a business.

Optimise product uptake

Better predict the effective uptake of new products, services and brands. We use a range of conjoint and max diff techniques and custom experiments to guide changes to pricing, promotions, packaging and marketing messages – enhancing perceptions and conversion.

Develop pricing strategies

We test the elasticity of pricing to predict future uptake of products, services and brands. We model the impact of pricing changes to wider behaviour and the subsequent impact on the revenue and profit model. For example, how a new mobile phone tariff will impact uptake of not only that product but other options within the portfolio.

Reveal your biggest levers

We use Key Driver Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to uncover the aspects that have the biggest impact on revenue – to inform growth strategies. We use SEM to represent, estimate and test the network of relationships between a number of variables so you can better understand where to invest in future.

Manage your brand landscape

Understand growth in your competitive landscape and beyond. Find new areas of opportunity. Use our unique 5Drivers model to decode the emotional space your brand occupies and where opportunities lie – better-targeting your Masterbrand and helping develop your brand portfolio.

Better forecast the future

We analyse historic data sets to uncover relationships that accurately predict future behaviour – allowing you to focus on how to adapt and flourish in that new landscape e.g. using sales data, CX feedback and footfall to forecast what will impact demand in the future.

Get more ‘Eureka’ moments from your data

Everything we do is about great ROI for you. We’re experts at taking a big survey and behavioural datasets and blending them into insights that inspire action. Our expert team turns complex findings into clear, compelling stories that map out the steps to growth.

Harness the power of BI tools

We have the in-house computer science capabilities to help you get the most out of PI platforms – allowing you to connect, manage and analyse your own data sets. We can show you how to leverage platforms like TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau and Power BI. Knowledge is power!

How we’ve used statistics to create commercial segmentations

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Feelings-focused segmentation