CX Management

Make moments matter

Transform feedback into intelligent action

Our intelligent, flexible Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions will reveal where you could build memorable, feel-good moments across every stage and channel of your customer journey.

We create packages tailored to a client’s precise needs. We offer a suite of customisable options across voice-of-customer data capture, reporting & analysis technology, plus insight activation. We know one size doesn’t fit all.

The formula for CX success

Successful programmes nail it right across the core elements of data capture, data analysis and activation. Our solutions are designed by experts who know how to make this work best for your business.

#1 Capture: any touchpoint, any journey, any time

End-to-end measurement of the customer journey. Proven invite routes that achieve robust response rates. Short, perfectly formed surveys crafted by experts to connect, engage and inspire rich feedback.

Intelligent invite routes at every stage of the journey

Effective, event-driven invite routes to surveys – including till/e-receipt, post experience SMS/email, digital pop-up and feedback buttons, plus physical comms collateral. We’ve devised the techniques that will give you sample sizes you can base your actions on with confidence – safety in numbers! You’ll have a true picture of your target audience and not be made ‘busy fools’ by misleading outputs.

Intelligent survey design

Our surveys, whether driven by IVR, email or SMS are built to bore deeper into opinion rather than bore stupid. Mobile-first, engaging, fun and on-brand design, plus complex behind-the-scenes programming cut down response times by routing people to only those questions their journey type demands. Our systems connect seamlessly with your internal data so we only ask about things not known already.

FeelFactor – not just a metric, a heartbeat for your business

Because emotions are so powerful in driving awareness, decisions and recall, we created FeelFactor to measure the ‘feel’ of an experience plus its power to form a memory. A strong FeelFactor score is linked to higher future spend and market share growth, and it can be used to determine opportunities across touchpoints/channels – and at a brand level.

#2 Analyse: intelligence at everyone’s fingertips

Real-time metrics and AI-powered software pinpoint actions needed across all touchpoints and business levels. Our self-serve platform is powered by world class TIBCO Spotfire analytics and visualisation software, and Clarabridge’s text-analytics engine.

Check your performance in an instant with real-time dashboards

Fully adaptable to your organisation, our engaging, visual dashboards bring to life the KPIs that will drive customer centricity. We have the flexibility to configure complex hierarchies to match your structure – ensuring the right insights and actions are delivered to the right teams. Integration with Clarabridge AI-powered text analytics and mobile-first capability delivers quality at speed.

Call off the search crew – find the answers with Slice and Dice

For those who seek to interrogate KPIs and trends, Slice & Dice offers quick access to cross-tabs and filters to explore performance by any number of variables e.g. region, trial, target group. Our easy visualisation and data export functionality enable you to share insights with relevant colleagues very easily.

Find your potent levers with advanced analytics

Take your analysis to the next level with our intuitive advanced-analytics package – run driver analysis, factor analysis, correlation and expectancy analysis. Alternatively, let us do it for you. Our in-house data scientists can support you on the more advanced techniques such as predictive modelling and anomaly detection.

#3 Activate to transform

On top of our self-serve platform our clients value our expertise on insight generation and activation. We have an award-winning ability to help the biggest brands transform their CX. From the nuances of touchpoint moments to defining a 5-year vision, we diagnose the emotions people want to feel and how to deliver these.

Inspire all staff to embrace feedback and take action

Our CXM portals encourage teams to see customer feedback as a big positive. They are safe spaces for those closest to the customer to give feedback/share ideas and learn – using data to monitor the impact. Brands that encourage the trialling of new ideas empower their people to make a difference.

Prioritise strategic action to get most bang for your buck

Consumers can’t tell you which improvements will make them happy and spend more. You need to derive this from the data. We help you prioritise the actions that will give you the best ROI – using statistical analysis to spot the true drivers of memorable, heart-winning experiences. We then establish which levers to pull for different customer segments, touchpoints and channels – helping you to tailor messages perfectly.

Uniting siloed departments to create winning CX strategies

Kokoro brings stakeholders together. Great insight convinces and gets all parties united around a shared vision. Silos are broken down, knowledge floods old barriers. This makes it much easier to co-create an activation strategy. Our cross-department workshops and forums spark discussions and results in the prioritising of actions, quick wins and longer-term gains for the brand.

1920x800 - FeelFactor

The explosive truth about emotions in CX – get our acclaimed thought piece

Why is it that brands like Monzo, Boohoo and Emirates are thriving whilst others fall short?

Our latest thinking unpicks what it really means to harness Kokoro’s FeelFactor. See more on its commercial validation and how it could help you win in each of four market quadrants it reveals.

Design a story worth telling

Once FeelFactor has pinpointed your position across touchpoints, channels and at a brand-level, we help you create the experiences that lodge in minds and win hearts.

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