Customer closeness

Centricity that drives action

Get up close and personal like you really mean it

‘Customer centricity’ – possibly the biggest overclaim in business. Everyone says it, few achieve it. Our emotionally intelligent approach gets to what people really want from you. You can’t put them at your heart if you don’t understand theirs.

Feel transformed

Brilliant customer closeness builds common understanding and a shared language. It brings real people into the room, talking, laughing, and leaving you in no doubt about what they want. It challenges old thinking and makes stakeholders feel different, energised, ready to act.

Realise the power of play

True closeness is warts & all. Play helps us shed inhibitions and talk. We create a safe, friendly, relaxed environment in which to share – and engaging projection techniques to unleash people’s feelings. We learn more by getting customers in ‘reveal mode’ by using creative tasks, humour and competitive spirit! It’s about fun and fundamental truths!

Award-winning creative toolkit

Customer centricity. No two businesses’ needs are alike. Our methodologies, bespoke designed for each client, will get to the essence of your customers. Their punch and imaginative twists will mean outputs grab the attention of your stakeholders. No same old, instead new ways to truly understand needs and opportunities.

Mood + trends studies

Explore how customer needs are changing, and reveal the emerging hot buttons – providing a springboard for new propositions. Also put a wider lens on cultural shifts – detecting where behaviours are bubbling up from and pointing to what people will do next.


Authentic, natural interactions that drive real discovery – observing closely as customers let us in on their lives. This paints a vivid picture of needs, desires and pressures, and it nails the dissonance between what people say and actually do.


High-energy explorative sessions that put customers and stakeholders side by side. This collision of worlds sparks excitement, great teamwork and magic moments of insight. Experts’ ideas get a reality check and better ideas emerge from the collaboration.

Disruptive methods to bring customers to life

We all draw general conclusions from specific experiences. It’s why we love and remember stories. Our customer closeness puts storytellers centre stage. Creating moments for up-close, personal stories

Customer events

We unite stakeholders with customers and get them working together to co-create new ideas in fun, imaginative ways. These form memories and have a long-lasting, positive effect on anyone who attends.

Customer videos that hit harder

We can cover everything from Insta-story nuggets to poetic short stories to professionally shot films. We’ve got the wordsmiths, videographers and producers to make your insights a hit!

Immersive platforms

We design ways to put stakeholders in customers’ shoes and see how the brand is seen. Our digital platforms supply global access to insights and customer content, and allow you to interact and join the discussion

Embedding customer segments

We have a suite of digital/physical design options that turn facts about segments into compelling, true stories -.bringing the customer out of the data-set and into the room. Opportunities follow.

Truly immersive AR/VR

VR glasses’ power to transport you to other worlds means you can land on Planet Customer and explore it in 3D. You can visit the Shanghai store, see your ads mocked up in Times Square, inhabit your next idea.

Customer journey workshops

We inspire collaboration across a business. We take detailed customer feedback/data analytics, add real customer stories and produce fertile ground for the growth of new ideas.

Our secret weapon = 5Drivers

Our 5Drivers model sheds new light on customer needs, revealing the most important feelings for brands to play to. It brings new energy and insight to customer closeness. We can understand the blend of feelings most important to your consumers – how you can sync with their emotional requirements to satisfy them. And how you can delight by transforming them from one emotional state to another – helping them to become the person they want to be, a little at a time.

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