CoronaWatch – International Sentiment Tracker

Tracking how consumers are responding to these crazy times

In response to high demand for insight on how consumers are feeling and behaving in relation to Covid-19, and the need for updates as the situation progresses, we’ve launch a new syndicated Consumer Sentiment Tracker called CoronaWatch.

The Tracker covers the UK, Germany, France and the US and provides more powerful insights than free alternatives on the market.

Who is it suitable for?

Retailers, Food/drink brands, Technology brands, Financial services, Travel, Leisure and QSR/Eating out brands

What do I get?

Option 1 – 4 robust quantitative reports across 4 weeks

Markets covered: UK, FR, DE and US

Pricing: UK = £3k (€3.4k), all other markets are charged at £4k (€4.5k) per market. Receive a 10% discount when you sign up to 3 markets or a 15% discount if you sign up to all 4 markets.

Sample: Nationally representative, 2,000 respondents per week across 4 weeks. You get a report each week.

Questions covered:

  • Overall sentiment towards Coronavirus (plus the way the government, local councils, media and brands are dealing with it)
  • Feelings associated with the virus – is it all about a need to feel safe/regain control? Is it bringing families together? How are money worries playing out? Etc.
  • Actions currently being taken to prevent getting/spreading the virus? What do people do to cope once illness occurs? What will lives be like post illness?
  • Changes in buying/consumption patterns – total outgoings, categories, price points, reasons for purchase
  • Brands being turned to/ignored – and reasons why
  • Which brands are getting communications wrong/right?
  • Looking forward, how can brands help people get through this?
  • All the typical profiling questions – plus Corona status (not infected, infected now and recovered)
  • We will add questions as the pandemic unfolds – and in response to any feedback we get from subscribers.
  • We will ask about brand usage for all brands who sign up (so you can cut the data by your users)
  • There will be limited scope for additional questions – the charge for this will be £200 (€230) per question


  • Ultra quick top-lines in word (see timings below)
  • Full PowerPoint deck of key insights (c20-30 slides)
  • Simple data tables for you to dig even deeper – with your brand users as a cross-break

Option 2 – the real lives behind the numbers – qualitative top-up for the next 4 weeks

Markets covered: UK only

Pricing: only £2k (€2.3k) for all 4 weeks

What’s covered:

  • For the next 4 weeks we’re going to keep in video contact with 12 people living in separate households
  • We will track their lives as the pandemic unfolds, hear how they are feeling, the brands they are turning to and the coping strategies they are employing
  • Our participants will cover the full spectrum of ages and demographics


  • Each week you’ll receive a hard-hitting 5-minute video
  • You’ll also get a full c.10-slide Powerpoint deck highlighting the key findings

Not your average syndicated study!


  • UK insights available from Monday 23 March. All other markets start 1 week later with the first set of insights available from Monday 30 March
  • Fieldwork runs from Thursday to Saturday each week
  • UK timings:
    • Quant top-lines in Word by 10:30am each Monday
    • Quant full PowerPoint deck by 10:00am each Tuesday
    • Simple data tables by 3:00pm each Tuesday
    • Qualitative pack: available by 10am each Wednesday
    • Qualitative video: available by 12pm each Wednesday
  • DE/FR/US timings:
    • Top-lines in Word by 3:00pm each Monday morning
    • Full PowerPoint deck by 10:00am each Wednesday
    • Simple data tables by 3:00pm each Tuesday


Email Mark Taylor on or call him directly on +44 7971 285990 now

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