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Covid, Brexit, turmoil, change. Want a window on consumers’ new world?

Our weekly analysis reveals how people feel, how their needs are changing, where they’ll spend. It not only unpicks the now, it predicts the next. Will online grow even faster? Will fitness climb still higher? When we can travel where will we go? The questions are endless. The Score answers them with startling accuracy. This explains why, since the pandemic’s start, it’s become central to decision making in so many boardrooms.

Each week The Score tracks UK sentiment through a survey of 2,000 people. Then it marries these big numbers with the small details that reveal why consumers act as they do – following the lives of 20 households to get a depth of insight that standard qualitative work could never reach. 

Trial The Score and get a real-time, expert view of your threats and opportunities. Today even the biggest brands must be light on their feet if they’re not to be overtaken by events and rivals.

What will I learn from The Score?

  • How consumers are feeling right now – their hopes, fears, behaviours
  • How Covid is changing the landscape, whether the vaccine starts to inoculate us against fear, the Brexit effect, signs of recovery and who will bounce back strongest
  • How buying behaviour is evolving and what it means for your sector
  • Attitudes towards finances as the economic storm brews
  • Which brands will be relied on to help people get through these troubled times, and what your brand can do to win trust  
  • Predictions for the year ahead and what the “2021 normal” will look like

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