Charm distinctively or live invisibly

We know brands that connect emotionally win. We provide the big picture about brand equity and communications to shape your strategy.

We solve your big
brand headaches

We start conversations with brands who are struggling to answer big questions like… How do we gain momentum? How can we future-proof our strategy? Where’s the next 20% growth? How can our comms plan work smarter? How can we scale without losing our brand essence?

Our brand insight toolkit encompasses:

• Multi-channel CX/VOC programmes
• Brand tracking
• Brand health checks
• Brand positioning
• FeelForward benchmarking
• Opportunity modelling
• Comms evaluations
• Customer closeness
• Biometric measurement

Stop tracking your brand image the same old way

Brand image is the story of a brand that we have in our mind – our expectations, history, social cues and emotions. The story is much more of a feeling than a set of concrete facts. The story makes us say we ‘love Apple’… but do we actually love Apple?! No, we love the thought of how we will feel with an Apple product in our hands. Kokoro has a unique set of innovative quantitative tools to measure the true feeling your brand creates over time.

Brand experience is the new brand tracking

Don’t underestimate the role of the on-the-day experience in creating your brand story. We believe all communications and physical experiences (be it with your stores, website, social media posts) should deliver on and reinforce the emotional promise of your brand. As such, our approach embraces marketing channels, but also customer touchpoints – to give a truly end-to-end evaluation of the experience of your brand in reality.

Make your marketing work harder

The marketing that works is the marketing that people choose to notice. People don’t actively look out for brands (or read adverts). People notice what interests them. Our subconscious brain (which deals with feelings) decides what gets noticed. You are only aware of 0.0004% of everything your brain absorbs. You must never underestimate how difficult it is to get noticed! We use a range of mock-up experimentations, A/B tests and biometrics to understand what’s most likely to get noticed, connects emotionally and prompts engagement.

Uncover new opportunities with FeelForward

We created FeelForward to avoid results being limited by consumers’ current experiences. We force respondents outside their frame of reference and test your brand against our 5Drivers framework. It highlights future chinks in a brand’s armour – all before these are consciously on a consumer’s radar!

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