See what really stirs the subconscious

See how your comms, products and experiences connect at a subconscious level in real-time

We use eye-tracking to reveal what customers really pay attention to, and combine facial coding, GSR and EEG to gauge how much a given stimulus connects emotionally. Blended with traditional research methods this is rocket fuel for understanding how to optimise your products, experience and comms.

Optimise packaging development

So many products fail because related packaging research is done the wrong way. We reveal which prototypes best grab consumers and hold their attention. We do this in our state-of-the-art lab plus as many real-life environments as possible – to ensure results reflect how sales will actually pan out.

Enhance physical experiences

Want to know how your store, restaurant, bank or visitor space is being used, plus the highs and lows across the journey? We’re experts in taking biometric equipment out of the lab and into real environments – giving brands unmatched visibility of the feelings they provoke and the changes that would deliver most commercial benefits.

Create a more seamless UX

Got a data lake of user behaviour analytics but still don’t really know why people on your site/app behave as they do? It’s a common problem and one we’re helping a growing number of brands combat. We use biometrics to get to what really engages users, how it makes them feel and the implications for conversion, loyalty etc..

Develop more motivating comms

It’s hard to pinpoint why your ads and content aren’t driving the likes, clicks and sales you want. We help brands develop comms that get through the filter, stop people scrolling and connect on an emotional level. See if your content gets noticed in real social feeds, if people truly register your print ads, and if TV material is pushing the right emotional hot buttons.

Improve your innovation cycle

From early concept development to prototype testing, we support brands through their complete innovation cycle. We provide a quick yet robust read on how motivating early ideas are – making prototype design much more efficient and successful. We then combine eye-tracking and GSR to gauge how consumers react to the strongest trial products – honing them further.

Optimise POS placement

Gauge how POS is noticed and used within a physical space – to optimise placement and increase conversion. To maximise commercial backing for new opportunities we take learnings to prototype quickly – testing new concepts and placements in mock up shop environments.

Predict behaviour, adapt, succeed

Be it in our lab, in homes, shops, banks, restaurants or even nightclubs, we have the expertise in eye-tracking, GSR, EEG and facial-coding tech to measure what stands out and persuades – all in real-time. United with conventional methods and user-behaviour analytics, this is the most rigorous way of ensuring decisions on packaging, product placement, experience design and comms are the right ones.

World-class analysis platform

We harness the power of imotions, the World’s leading biosensor software. This powerful platform allows us to amalgamate and analyse all sources of data in a single place – giving you rapid access to heat maps, gaze maps and quantitative biometrics.

The emotional impact of John Lewis’ department store reinvention

Our biometrics measurement left John Lewis with a journey map that detailed which emotions were triggered throughout the store experience and what needed to be optimised further