KokoroBites: immersion is power

Supercharge your brain cells in 20 minutes with our new live webinar series

Webinar 4: immersion is power

Kokoro’s 5Drivers model reveals the feelings we’ve established as being routes to happiness, which brands can to play to. The most impactful of our 5Drivers is Immersion – feels intuitively right as we watch consumers chase experiences. We examine why and what makes it so powerful.

What will you learn?

Together, we’ll explore why immersion is so powerful and the different tactics brands can use to absorb shoppers in their worlds. We’ll focus on three big topics:

Our love for experiences is driven by more than just peak stuff

The rise of our experience economy is often assumed to be down to us owning too many things, but really our desire to be involved and feel for ourselves is routed in something deeper than that.

Brands with an immersive quality win

Apple, Lush and Boohoo come top of all our experience metrics, immersive experiences unite them and other brands top-of the league – we explore their most effective techniques.

Tactics to absorb shoppers in your world

Every day brands are creating more digital content, physical pop-ups or experiential marketing and investing in creating seamless experiences to keep us glued to our mobiles. We explore how brands can maximise impact and create the biggest buzz.

Who should sign up?

Insight professionals, designers, marketers and CX specialists who want inspiration to think about their brand and experiences in a more emotive way

When is it?

Choose one of two slots and simply fill in your details below for free access to the webinar

Slot 1: Wednesday 9th October at 17.30 GMT (18:30 CET, 09:30 San Francisco Time)

Slot 2: Thursday 10th October at 14.30 GMT (15:30 CET, 09:30 New York Time)

This is a live session lasting 20 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who’s providing the thought-provoking thinking?

You’ll be inspired by Laura Gillespie  – leading Kokoro’s powerful work on leveraging emotions

Kokoro Cuts – best of August

A round-up of the best new experiences and campaigns we’ve seen on our travels. Here’s what you need to know about

eggslut shows how eateries can create new memories around classics

The hit LA chain came to the UK in August and caused quite a stir for such a small new eatery. It shows the power of a brand when it creates a buzz around something very simple and opens customers eyes to new possibilities – in this case the classic comfort food: eggy baps! eggslut uses only local suppliers, keeps to a tight menu, transforms the mere egg into clever hero eggy dishes (yes you heard it correctly ‘The Slut’ is a thing) and sells it all in a trendy instagrammable space. This gets customers flocking to pay a whole lot more for the humble egg!


The average B&B could look more like this in the future

Summer may be over but next year’s plans could look a whole lot more exciting and sustainable thanks to the launch of TERA from AI SpaceFactory. It’s like nothing else on this planet – a high-tech, luxe, eco-home based in upstate New York where people can stay nightly from March 2020. It’s based on the award winning Mars habitat MARSHA which is super cool but what’s most amazing is that it’s made of 3-D printed plants and minerals which are durable and twice as strong as concrete, yet recyclable and compostable. It will be 3D-printed on site to ensure minimal disruption to the habitat versus the harsh impact of traditional construction. It will feedback operational data to keep improving future designs and it can be broken down, recycled and re-printed elsewhere, without leaving any trace. This is the future sustainable B&B!


Hendrick’s brings escapism to life in sensory tube wrap

There’s a zillion gin drinks out there so it’s refreshing to see a campaign with a clear feeling at its heart as Hendrick’s challenges us to ‘Escape the Conventional and Embrace the Delectable’. The escapism in gin flavours has been cleverly brought to life through a high-impact tube wrap where intriguing visuals spark attention whilst a sensory element of cucumber and rose scents help fix this campaign and its signature gin flavour in our memories. We think it’s a much more effective way to hit a high volume audience (the underground boasts 5 million passengers a day) versus the usual scattergun approach to tube poster advertising.

Channel 4 reflects bold, brave brand position as it pokes fun at general public

We absolutely love this genius advert from channel 4 which pokes fun at the ridiculous complaints that have been sent into the channel from the general public. It’s a funny, honest take on how ridiculous people can be. It’s bold, it’s brave, it’s everything Channel 4 was set up to stand for. Channel 4 said: “We understand that not every programme, or even every presenter, is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. “That’s because Channel 4 was set up to be different, to provoke debate, take bold creative risks and represent unheard voices from all around the country. So sometimes we may cause a bit of a stir, but that’s part of our job.” We wish more brands could be this daring 😉

Sustainability swarm continues

August saw a whole host of new product launches and new start-ups in the sustainability space. We’ve captured a few novel ideas that haven’t been seen before.

Upchoose gives US parents a way to feel good about being more sustainable at a time when having a new kid usually means creating a lot more waste. You buy clothes from them then when your child outgrows them you simply send them back to get money off the next lot. Simple but no-one else is doing it!

Nespresso and Swedish start-up Velosophy partnered to create RE:CYCLE, a stylish bike made out of 300 espresso pods. It’s Nespresso’s attempt to create a circular economy for the billions of coffee pods discarded every year. Whilst Nespresso is a brand already providing a positive ending to the customer journey (pods are picked up from consumers’ homes to be recycled), this takes it one step further to show customers the new beginnings their waste can create.

Fairbnb launched this summer in 5 European cities. A more ethical alternative to Airbnb, the platform promises to give 50% of sales to local community projects to make short-term rentals more sustainable. Guests choose the projects registered on the site that they want to support when they reserve their accommodation.


And just for fun…. Roocopter brings Deliveroo promise to life

Deliveroo is “committed to delivering the best food no matter your location” so it launched a helicopter food experience to demonstrate just that! Order your dish and Deliveroo will get it to you in time to enjoy food at 1000 feet over the sights of London. This is ultimate memory-making fast food!

Your ticket to start thinking like a Visionary

Stop thinking regular, start thinking Visionary. You’ve got the passion to fuel a rocket ship. We can help give you the vision to deliver experiences for extraordinary commercial return. We want to help you see a new future with inspiring talks, practical ideas and immersive workshops from some awesome thinkers and doers. Join Kokoro and TIBCO on 17.10.19 at Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

3 explosive topics, 20 awesome speakers

Topic 1:  From numbers to the heartbeat of a business – how to unite data with emotional intelligence to drive the right action

300x300 - Guest speakers(1)

Alison Bainbridge

Founder of Kokoro

It’s time to get serious about emotions in CX

300x300 - Guest speakers(22)

Darren Crowder

Vice President at TIBCO

Software is eating the World.. Now what?

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Gareth Tennant

Former Intelligence Officer for The Royal Marines

How to make the right decisions in a tough situation

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

Hristiana Georgieva

Co-founder of BlissWork

The role of emotions in developing a thriving culture

Panel debate: how well are businesses really doing at putting customers at the heart of their decisions?

300x300 - Guest speakers(3)

Caroline Bates

Director at Kokoro

300x300 - Guest speakers(24)

Steven Carabasu

Customer Director at HelloFresh

300x300 - Guest speakers(19)

Anna Thomas

Manager of European Customer Insight at TJX Europe

300x300 - Guest speakers(23)

Andrew Littlewood

Strategic Planning and Insight Manager at Nationwide

300x300 - Guest speakers(20)

Ruth Hinton

Brand Planning & Insights Manager at Vue

300x300 - Guest speakers(18)

Adam Blower

Research and Data Insight Manager at Eurostar

Topic 2: Creating the next new possible – how do you connect to how people want to feel to discover the next visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(6)

Laura Gillespie

Director and 5Drivers Lead at Kokoro

You need to understand how customers want to feel, not what they think

300x300 - Guest speakers(7)

Craig Fullicks

Customer Experience Strategy Lead at O2

Harnessing feelings to deliver a step change in the O2 customer experience

Panel debate: what’s the future of wellbeing?

300x300 - Guest speakers(8)

George David Hodgson

Founder of Maison du Choup

300x300 - Guest speakers(9)

Tessa Tricks

Head of Food at Hubbub

300x300 - Guest speakers(11)

Khandiz Joni

Conscious Beauty Expert and Founder of Untainted Magazine

300x300 - Guest speakers(10)

Chris Hemmings

Author of ‘Be a Man’

300x300 - Guest speakers(21)

Tasha Keating

Founder of SheRunsIt

Topic 3: Making memories – how do you create Visionary stories that create lasting buzz

300x300 - Guest speakers(14)

Paul West

Strategy Director at Dalziel & Pow

Bringing brands to life through Visionary brand experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(13)

Dr Michael Bloomfield

Founder of Creative Being

What is creativity and how can you harness your creative power to dream up Visionary experiences?

300x300 - Guest speakers(15)

Oliver Kibblewhite

Special Projects at REWIND

Why the future is mixed reality and how you can use it to create Visionary brand stories

With a host to remind us about the funny side of this

300x300 - Guest speakers(17)

Nick Gilbert

Co-founder of multi-award winning arts organisation Zoo Co

“Sharp and unfailingly funny”

Immerse yourself in two unique experiences

300x300 - Guest speakers(4)

Exclusive invitation-only workshop

Businesses are sitting on a wealth of customer insight – how can we better drive impact from it for substantially better commercial return?

300x300 - Guest speakers(5)

VR inspired experience

Immerse yourself in how customers want to feel to create the next new Visionary experiences

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Instagrammable dining ventures to suburbia

Bland chains watch out – immersive dining is branching out

Immersive dining, we’re all familiar with it, unique foods in beautiful settings, offering visionary experiences (and many a photo-opportunity). Think venues like The Alchemist, Sketch and Sushi Samba. They’ve been must-visit destinations in so many of our cities for so long.

So why are we talking about them now? Well… they’re stepping out of the bright city lights and making waves in suburbia. New and exciting spaces have popped up all over the place – outside of city centres, way out, where the likes of Zara and craft-coffee vans haven’t dared venture.

Perhaps it all started when elevated chain concepts like Bill’s and The Cosy Club, born in vibrant cities like Brighton and Bristol, set up shop in leafy towns. Breaking the monotony of bland pizza chains.

The Cosy Club branches beyond Bristol 
Bill’s has over 80 branches outside of London 

Then, favourite restaurants started to up their game – ambitious menus and interiors to match – with velvet armchairs and weird and wonderful wall art. You really know you’ve made it when a restaurant in your town offers sensory cocktails or installs a flower wall.

Cocktails make memories in The Old Coffee Tavern, Warwickshire
All the gins of a city bar in a cosy setting at Smoke and Liquor, Rochester
Charming, unique twists on food and décor at Coffee Architects, Leamington Spa
Feel-good vibes and immersive Indian street food at Zindiya, Moseley Village
Chic interiors immerse you at Copper House, Berkhamsted
Flower walls and stained class up the ante in The Abbey, Hertfordshire

Next, we saw an influx of unique twists on favourite concepts. We’ve seen loads just round the corner from our offices, the likes of The Pudding Stop with their Sunday film nights, The Foragers pub countryside walks to forage for your dinner and sensory cocktails from Suckerpunch. There are hundreds more all over the country…

Visionary eateries in leafy locations

Now, we reach an exciting time when truly immersive eateries and bars are launching in suburbia – visionary experiences everywhere! Here are a few of our favourites.

Fun at Indian Brewery in Solihull
Wow moments at The Florist in Watford
The Cliff House in Barton breathes new life into ‘cosy pub’
Immersive theatre at Elder and Wolf in Whitley Bay
Ultimate escape in the garden kitchen at Llys Meddyg, Newport

So what does this mean for highstreet eateries?

Not everyone has to be part of the frenzy to survive. We predict our quest for authenticity will see locals thrive, including those bucking the Insta trend, with relatively simple menus and humble environments. Food and drink to be passionate about, human touches, captivating and inspirational owner stories, proud staff, carefully selected suppliers – very little can compete with that, even a floor to ceiling flower wall.

Following a spell of closures from previously popular dining options (Jamies, Prezzo, Byron and Carluccios) we imagine big chains will continue to struggle. On one hand they miss the mark on beautiful, visionary, Insta-ready experiences and on the other, they fall short on authenticity, real charm and cosiness of local favourites. It’s hard to see how these brands can win either battle; commercially creating incredible experiences for every customer, in every branch requires an eye-watering high investment – and attempts at feeling authentically local can look fake and try hard. Instead, we believe one strategy to win, will be to invest in a few magical touches where it matters most a la Pret. For dining chains the real battle ground will be understanding how to connect through visionary experiences – paired with the sharp business mind  to maximise impact, getting the biggest bang for your buck.

KokoroBites: not all experiences are equal

Supercharge your brain cells in 20 minutes with our new live webinar series

Not all experiences in the customer journey need to be equal

We know amazing Visionary customer experiences across the journey are important – we just wrote a thought piece on the subject! But, a brand can’t always deliver Visionary experiences at every touch point of every journey. It’s not commercially viable and just not necessary for customers to make memories around your brand and keep spending. You must remind yourself of the peak-end rule so you can prioritise investment in the points of the customer journey where you can get the most extraordinary commercial return.

What will you learn?

You’ll see why experiences which ignite emotions get customer attention and get remembered. You’ll get a clear grasp of applications of the peak-end rule so you can see how a little magic at the right point in a journey goes a long way. With practical and inspiring examples of how brands are winning in this space.

Who should sign up?

Insight professionals, designers, marketers and CX specialists who want inspiration to think about their brand and experiences in a more emotive way

When is it?

Choose one of two slots and simply fill in your details below for free access to the webinar

Slot 1:  Tuesday September 10 – 17:30 GMT (18:30 CET, 09:30 San Francisco Time)

Slot 2:  Wednesday September 11 – 14:30 GMT (15:30 CET, 09:30 New York Time)

This is a live session lasting 20 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who’s providing the thought-provoking thinking?

You’ll be inspired by Laura Gillespie  – leading Kokoro’s powerful work on leveraging emotions

It’s back! Christmas Unwrapped 2019

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The biggest and best Christmas insights

Be better prepared for the challenge of growing your revenue and profit in one of the most competitive, ever-changing trading periods.

Our reports ensure you’re armed with the insight to react quickly to evolving consumer sentiment and buying habits so you can adapt successfully.

After all it’s often those small tweaks that can make a big difference between the winners and losers in such a tight market.

Highlights from Christmas 2018

Here’s a taster of the report highlights from 2018 and how understanding these can help you drive better commercial returns this Christmas.

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Report 1: early mindset

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  • Critical festive milestones
  • Category winners/losers
  • Brands expecting to use
  • Hopes/dreams for season

So you can understand the challenge ahead and flex plans accordingly

Released 25 Oct ‘19

(Fieldwork 17-20 Oct)

Report 2: preparations underway

  • How plans are evolving
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  • Brands quick off the mark
  • Response to big ad campaigns
  • Emerging winning tactics and hot buttons pressed

So you can benchmark your early performance and assess your tactics to win big

Released 18 Nov

(Fieldwork 8-11 Nov)

Report 3: reality replaces dreams

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  • Brands succeeding
  • Response to the big advertising campaigns
  • Emerging winning tactics and hot buttons pressed

So you can gauge the strategies which are hitting home and identify final tweaks to optimise your performance

Released 13 Dec ‘19

(Fieldwork 3-8 Dec)

Report 4: winners and losers revealed

  • Winners/losers and why
  • How hopes played out
  • Stated/revealed importance
  • Pain points in Christmas journey
  • Key emotions played to/missed
  • Outlook for 2020

So you can get great plans in place for Christmas 2020

Released 10 Jan ‘20

(Fieldwork 28 Dec-6 Jan)

Who is it for?

Any retail and eating-out brand where Christmas is a key trading period for their business.

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Each report is priced at just £3,950 or get all 4 reports for just £11,500 (save over £4,000)

Goodbye shopping – hello experience spaces

Two of the biggest tech players, Samsung and Microsoft, opened new flagship spaces in London last month. One thing they definitely have in common….. they offer so much more than shopping alone. These are experience spaces on a grand scale – oozing innovation and play. Whilst Samsung invites you to connect with your passions through a jam-packed series of events, Microsoft invites you to learn new skills for free in its Community Theatre. Both brands bring the capabilities of tech to life through interactive, memory-making moments with AR, gaming and simulation. Plus, this isn’t all about the tech – the staff working here share the passion for the new possibilities technology provides and the know-how to solve our tech problems and transform our lives.

Not seen them yet? Take a look in our galleries below

Microsoft – Oxford Circus

Samsung KX – Coal Drops Yard

Kokoro Cuts – best of July

A round-up of the best new experiences and campaigns we’ve seen on our travels. Here’s what you need to know about

Microsoft launches its first UK store with community focus (it’s not just a shop)

July saw two big tech giants launch experiential spaces in the UK – Microsoft and Samsung. Microsoft’s first ever UK flagship is impressive, not so much architecturally, but more because of the community focus. Yes it has an incredibly impressive gaming lounge but it also has a Community Theatre for students, parents and small businesses for lots of free learning. It’s great to see a brand put the emphasis on how it can help foster relationships with the community, and put its colleagues centre stage in delivering this, rather than just provide immersive experiences through tech.

Samsung launches the ultimate ‘experience space’ (no, it’s not a shop)

Samsung KX has just opened its doors in Kings Cross. Adamant that this is so much more than a shop Samsung has even put this message at the heart of its campaign “It’s not a shop. It’s a place you can #DoWhatYouCant”. The space is impressive architecturally but with all the friendly colleague faces to bring warmth to a sleek interior. It’s all about experiences – it gives people the freedom to try their hands at things like digital graffiti, DJing, the future of driving… plus the opportunity to connect with your passion through a plethora of daily talks and events.


Converse goes beyond the sustainability headlines

There are a lot of hyped-up headlines at the moment about brands jumping on the sustainability wagon as the Fashion industry looks to clean up its act. Most high street brands have upped the ante on sustainable ranges in the last couple of months. ASOS even has a ‘sustainable filter on its app! But looking beyond the headlines its Converse that really sticks out with its credible, honest stance. Its latest campaign has emotive creatives, a really decent product range (this isn’t eco bland basics) and an incredibly transparent and simple 3-step process of how plastic bottles are transformed into great product. This is what consumers want – 0% effort, 100% feel-good.


$50 boxes of cereal – this is value in 2019!

Who on earth would have thought of a collaboration between Travis Scott and Reese’s Puffs. Then who would have thought that an arty pop up at Paris Fashion Week could promote it. This collaboration has created quite a stir for an old American favourite. At $50 a box (yes we did say that correctly) you could have got your hands on a Travis Scott designed box for a mere 50 seconds before they all sold out! This is a fun way to create a surprise buzz and get big social coverage.  Reese’s Puffs’ official Twitter tweeted: “Missed your shot? Follow @trvisXX + @ReesesPuffs for more to come.”


Genius timely ad from Country Life

We just had to include this clever advert which manages to link butter to a feeling of Freedom by playing on May’s confession that the naughtiest thing she ever did was run through fields of wheat…. Great timing ensured this had maximum impact.

Applications for the fan club now open

Why feel-good ambassadors deliver the greatest return in customer experience

As consumers seek experiences and generally become harder to please, the best brands are saying goodbye to staff, and hello to brand ambassadors.

Simple smiles win

Brands full of staff who are happy and proud in their work really shine. We’re drawn to positivity. Those serving us in Nando’s, Virgin Atlantic and Apple radiate feel-good. They bring an extra spark to the experience.


Fanatics charm us

A sense of genuine passion for the brand and product brings authenticity. True brand ambassadors exude energy, and it’s contagious. Think Lego store, full of those proudly still in love with their childhood favourite. Book worms in Waterstones, beauty addicts in Sephora, animal lovers in Pets at Home, the wanderlusts in Kuoni – wow, because we’re all drawn to passion. It makes such a difference. The Harry Potter Studio tour would be a very different experience if it wasn’t guided by mega fans.


Drama seduces

One of the biggest buzz words in customer experience is ‘theatre’ – but what does that really mean? Well John Lewis recently hit headlines for sending their staff to drama school – teaching the tools and techniques of the stage to ensure every customer interaction is as magical as possible. When we visited we could absolutely feel the difference. Turns out, there really is a little theatre in us all.

Empowerment builds bonds

Independent, liberated teams glow. Brands who empower staff are renowned for brilliant service, Lush and Pret are great examples. Lush colleagues are genuinely passionate about the cause, know products inside out and there’s a real sense they love what they do. They are well cared for too, with incredible company-wide parties and celebrations which show them just how valued they are. But the real genius for us is the ‘surprise and delight’ budget staff are in control of. They can give customers gifts and do incredible product displays (writing off sellable stock) all to create theatre and memorable moments. Pret have something similar, a big charitable cause for staff to be passionate about, but also the ability to give away freebies. The key is these give-aways and gifts lead to customer wow-moments – but crucially are the choice of colleagues. They are in control. It’s powerful and that feel-good oozes in the experience.


Going against the grain gains traction

Lush hit headlines by taking a stance on social media. Tired of the fake, robotic game of algorithms, they wanted to hero authenticity and real community. So they are no longer on social media, instead their staff cultivate the feeling of closeness opening dialogue in human ways like email, telephone and face-to-face in stores. The revolution has begun.


Boom! launch webinars

In half an hour you can totally change the way you think about customer experience

Boom! packed into 30 minutes

Book your place to hear our new report brought to life in just 30 minutes. You get the powerful truth why brands like Monzo, Boohoo and Emirates thrive whilst others fall short. It’s a completely new outlook on how you should measure and leverage customer emotions to build your CX strategy and deliver extraordinary commercial return

Key takeaways

Hear about what inspired us to create Boom! and get your powerful takeaways:

  • Why you need to get serious about emotions – the workings of the subconscious brain and the role of emotions in creating memories
  • FeelFactor – a completely new way of understanding if your brand connects with customers and why leaders are gravitating to it versus NPS
  • A completely new way to think about experiences – we show you four types of brand experience, the strategic role of each, and how to optimise them to grow revenue/profit

Why listen?

We promise to fill your 30 minutes with engaging and thought-provoking content so you can be part of something that might just change the way you think…..forever!

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Slot 2: Tuesday September 3 – 17:30 GMT (18:30 CET, 09:30 San Francisco Time)

This is a live session lasting 30 minutes including 5 minutes Q&A at the end

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in challenging their thinking about the future of brand and customer experience. From entrepreneurs, to brand managers, UX designers to researchers. If you work in marketing, buying, design, CX, UX, retail, fashion, beauty, travel, grocery, banking or eating out this event is made for you